“We are a husband and wife writing team. I´m from Sweden my wife from South Africa. WordFinder Professional has made our work so much easier with its clever and user friendly interface. We wholeheartedly recommend WordFinder Professional as a cost effective investment for everyone working in several languages.”

Mats o Karin Eriksson, MEKE AB


“WordFinder is very useful in my e-mail with colleagues around the world and when I am writing technical documents. The program is very flexible when I work with English and German. Moreover, it is great that you can choose different specialty areas, like business and technical dictionaries.”

Jimmy Karlsson, Process Engineer/IT-manager, Celanese Emulsions Norden AB


“I often write mail in English, since I work for an international group. I often use WordFinder while I write, partly to find appropriate synonyms, so the text does not seem too repetitive. WordFinder is also very useful when I am writing an expression or word I am not sure about. Then I write the word in Swedish, double click on that word and switch over to WordFinder. It gives me suggestions for suitable translations, which I can double click on to replace the Swedish word I typed earlier. I also use WordFinder to check the meaning of a word while I am reading a text. Then I know whether I understood the word correctly. In other words, WordFinder is a flexible and useful tool in my daily work. ”

Jan-Olof Jonsson, Chief Medical Underwriter, Sweden Reinsurance Co Ltd.


“WordFinder saves me lots of time when I communicate with different medical organizations in Europe and worldwide. It also helps me find the right words and expressions for different contexts.”

Gabriella Blomberg, International Coordinator, Swedish Medical Association


“Over almost ten years, I have found WordFinder so useful that it is an almost irreplaceable part of my daily work as a translator. I have also found WordFinder staff to be unfailingly courteous and helpful at all times. In a world where computer systems are often unreliable and difficult to use, and help desks anything but helpful, WordFinder provides an outstanding example of how a professional computer system and its support should work.”

M J Shields, FITI, MTA, MSFÖ


“The Bugli Company has used WordFinder for several years. We translate texts from Swedish to English and WordFinder is an indispensable tool in this work. We appreciate quick access to the various dictionaries as well as our internal glossaries that we added to WordFinder.”

Donald Hughes, Managing Partner, The Bugli Company AB


“WordFinder is a great help for staff and students at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers, both for learning about and communicating in foreign languages.”

Lennart Jareteg, IT Co-ordinator, University of Gothenburg


“WordFinder is very useful when I communicate with our suppliers. We have frequent contact with various companies both in Europe and worldwide.”

Florencio Garcia, Engineer, Göteborgs Spårvägar (Gothenburg Tramways)


“Given the international environment we work in, WordFinder helps and supports our users in a good way.”

Mathias Rehnholm, Country IS & IT Sourcing Manager, ALSTOM Power Sweden


“The Swedish Maritime Administration has used WordFinder for the past 5 years. Because shipping is an international industry, a lot of the information exchange and regulations are in English. Many of our users have benefited daily from WordFinder in their jobs.
Many also work abroad during certain times and WordFinder is good support, since it is accessible even on laptops that are not connected to the Internet. I myself consider WordFinder an enormous help, for example while working in Egypt and writing reports in English.”

Anders Tammelin, IT operations manager, Swedish Maritime Administration


“WordFinder helps me to find the most effective words and phrases when I write. It also helps me to avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.”

Martin Persson, Product Manager, Calectro


“Pernod Ricard uses WordFinder.”

Mats Lundqvist , Pernod Ricard


“WordFinder is a good product that we have used for a long time.”

Gösta Grönlund, Getinge Disinfection


“WordFinder is the perfect combination of dictionary application and terminology management tool.”

Hans Karlson, LinguaFranca, professional translator


“WordFinder helps me to find the most effective words and phrases when I write. It also helps me to avoid potentially embarrassing mistakes.”

Martin Persson, Produktchef, Calectro


“Permobil, the world leader in innovative powered wheelchairs, uses WordFinder in the daily communication. WordFinder helps us as well with our internal as external communication worldwide.”

Lasse Johansson, IT Director, Permobil AB


“As a professional translator I love Wordfinder – it’s transformed the way I work providing authoritative translations and explanations of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian terms, particularly for my legal work. ”

Alex Planidin, Professional Translator


What translators really need is a very quick and convenient way of copying and pasting terms back and forth between the program in which the translator is working and the terminology tool, and WordFinder does this better than any other terminology management program I am aware of. I highly recommend this product.

Review by Dr Thomas Hedden in the ATA Chronicle (Click here to read the whole article)