For your devices

Our web application, WordFinder Online has a great search functionality and a responsive design, so you can work with WordFinder Unlimited on virtually any device using your web browser.

However, to get even better interaction with other applications, more features and the ability to use WordFinder Unlimited offline, we provide applications for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. All in all we have:

  • WordFinder Online
  • WordFinder Pro for Windows
  • WordFinder Pro for Mac
  • WordFinder for iOS
  • WordFinder for Android

WordFinder Pro for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from the Downloads page in WordFinder Online. Please note that in most larger organisations, your IT department will need to deploy applications to your workstation. Your IT department, can read more about it here.

You download WordFinder for iOS and Android from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Read more about our iOS app and download it from the Apple App Store


Read more about our Android app and download it from the Google Play Store


Please contact us if you have any questions or comments!