About us

We have a passion for communication and are constantly developing our services and our applications with new functionality and new languages and dictionaries, all to make it easier for you to communicate confidently and effectively.

Since setting up in 1990, WordFinder Software has helped both large and small businesses alike to find the right words in the right context. We’ve constantly developed our assortment over the years. From having sold a number of individual software applications, we’ve now gathered everything into a subscription-based service. One service, five applications, a multitude of functions and hundreds of dictionaries.

We build bridges between people, languages, countries and cultures.

More than 25,000 businesses and more than 500,000 users are now communicating with the help of WordFinder. Our assortment of dictionaries, which is the market’s broadest, includes dictionaries from the world’s leading publishers. WordFinder is used by all types of companies and organizations, and knows no borders. Flexibility is substantial and there are solutions to all needs.