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WordFinder Unlimited is aimed to be the world’s most comprehensive dictionary service. The solution involves a large number of publishers and titles and is focusing on a global market and users who want to communicate efficiently and correctly in foreign languages.

WordFinder Unlimited offers you a service, based on the world’s largest collection of dictionaries. You can, for a fixed monthly fee, search in all dictionaries combined with your own terminology.

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The pricing is EUR 9.99 / USD 10.99 per month for a single user subscription. For multi user subscriptions, please send us a request for offer.

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WordFinder is a subscription based dictionary service. You subscribe monthly, the first 7 days are always free of charge and you can cancel your subscription at any time. The WordFinder service includes a number of applications that you can download to your computer, smartphone and tablet. The dictionaries are also accessible via your web browser. You can search your dictionaries online or offline. This means that you always have access to your dictionaries, regardless of if you are at home, at work or traveling. Fast, simple and flexible!

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