1. All 500+ dictionaries in 26 languages are included. To see all the dictionaries click here
  2. Search in several dictionaries from various publishers at the same time, in one consistent interface.
  3. IATE – InterActive Terminology for Europe is included
  4. Works both online and OFFLINE
  5. You get WordFinder Online for searches in your web browser
  6. You get WordFinder Pro for Windows for searches OFFLINE
  7. You get WordFinder Pro for Mac for searches OFFLINE
  8. WordFinder Pro works interactively with all other programs including all CAT-tools
  9. You get WordFinder Apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets
  10. Everything for only 9.99 EUR, 10.99 USD, 99 SEK or 99 NOK per month

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WordFinder Unlimited was voted the winner of the
Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld in Warsaw 2018

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