New vs Classic

We are proud to introduce our new, fresh application, WordFinder for Mac, and we recommend it to all subscribers to WordFinder Unlimited!

However, we also offer our classic application for download for those users who may have the need of some features which are not yet implemented in the new client. See the table below to compare the two side by side, and to download the installation file of your choice.


WordFinder for Mac

Our fresh, modern client!

WordFinder Pro for Mac

The classic application
WordFinder Unlimited GUI
Automatic updates
Search all dictionaries in one language direction
Works online
Select dictionaries to download
Works offline
Hot key
Works interactively with all Mac programs
Wildcard search
Free text search
Search in several dictionaries at the same time
Create dictionary groups
Shortcut commands
Create your own dictionaries
Create notes
Works with older, purchased WordFinder Pro dictionaries
new app


If you are already using our classic application, and aren’t sure if you should upgrade, please note that you can have both programs installed at the same time, and use them side by side.