WordFinder Unlimited with IP Verification

WordFinder Online

As a user with IP verification you shall go to https://app.wordfinder.com.

You will see all dictionaries in WordFinder Unlimited presented in language pairs, you can select language combinations in the drop-down boxes or do a full text search for the dictionary you are interested in, please see the image below, with relevant areas highlighted:



More features -> Create a personal account (WordFinder ID)

To use our applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android you will need a personal account (WordFinder ID). Please note that this is true even if your IT department has installed WordFinder for you. With a personal account you will also have more features in the web application – WordFinder Online, e.g. the ability to add the dictionaries you work most often with to “My dictionaries” and search in several dictionaries at a time. Please see this page for more information about WordFinder Unlimited with Personal Accounts. In most cases the email address to use as a WordFinder ID needs to be from your organisation’s domain.

How to create a personal account?

You create a personal account by clicking the Settings-menu (the cog-wheel) and select My account. You can also go to this menu to login when you already have a personal account. In the login-dialogue you click the link Create a personal account. When you’ve created your account you will receive an email with a verification link which you need to click on to verify your email address and activate your personal account. Please see the images below: