Important information about the WordFinder Service

The old WordFinder Online is closed

Our old WordFinder Online site ( has been closed and all users shall now access WordFinder Online at Below you will find important information and instructions on how to proceed. As always we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please send us a support request via the support form to the right.

Users with IP-verification

If you have accessed via IP-verification you shall simply go to

Read more about WordFinder Unlimited with IP verification.

Users with Personal Accounts

If you have a Personal Account you shall login at

Read more about WordFinder Unlimited with personal accounts.

Customers who paid with credit card

If you have paid for the WordFinder service with a credit card you will in January receive an email with a link to our new and improved payment solution, in which you enter a credit card to handle the monthly charges (we also have yearly charge). If you haven’t downloaded all of your receipts from our old solution, please send us a request via the support form to the right and we’ll send them to you.

Customers with license agreements

The new WordFinder Unlimited model is not available for customers with license agreements.

Please contact us to receive more information on how to proceed.

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